Surgery & Anesthesia

Surgery Services

Our Skilled Surgical Procedures

Surgery & Sedation - From minor to major surgeries, Snowden Animal Hospital offers experienced surgical care in our modern, updated, and sterile surgical environment. Our skilled veterinarian conducts every surgery with the utmost care and professionalism to ensure that your pet’s experience goes as smooth as possible

In order to make your pet’s surgery as easy-going as can be, we offer sedation in a controlled and safe environment. After a thorough evaluation of your pet’s reflexes, muscle tone, and responsiveness of vital signs we are able to determine the depth of anesthesia necessary.

Of course there is a wide variety of issues we can deal with, but to give you an idea here is a list of surgeries we offer

  • Spay and neuter
  • Abscess repair
  • Removal of tumors
  • Lumpectomy
  • Wound/laceration repair
  • Orthopedic surgeries – performed by mobile orthopedic surgeon
  • Oral surgeries
  • Eye  and Ear surgeries
  • Bladder stones removal
  • Pyometra surgery
  • Foreign body removal
  • Blocked bladder repair

Anesthesia- The anesthetics used during surgery are selected depending upon breed, size and preexisting conditions of the pet and helps to minimize the risk of surgery complications while still maintaining maximum pain control. Regular monitoring helps to make sure your pet is safe at all times. An IV-line is placed as a standard of safety, providing fluids and a quick administering site for medications. IV fluids also help to speed up the recovery process following a major surgery.

Surgery & Sedation

Pre-Surgical Instructions for Your Pets

Surgery and Sedation - The night before surgery, please do not give your pet any food after 10 pm, including no breakfast the day of the procedure. This is important before going under anesthesia. When you drop off your pet in the morning between 8am-10 am (9am-10am on Sundays), we will require you to fill out an Authorization Form. On this form, we will indicate which procedure will be performed as well as provide you with options that are typically done while your pet is under anesthetic. These options include a nail trim, ear cleaning, microchipping, anal gland expression, etc. We will require a phone number where we can reach you during the day. This number is not only to give you updates on how your pet is doing, but also in case we have any questions for you, or run into anything unexpected during surgery. Procedures are typically performed between 10am-2pm depending on the day's schedule. You are welcome to call and check in on your pet, but please allow us plenty of time for the procedure to be done. We will give you an update after your pet has awaken completely from anesthesia and is in recovery so that we can give you our best estimate for pick up time.

Most pets are ready to go home between 5pm-6pm. When you come to pick up your pet, please remember that they may still be in a groggy state. Generally by the later evening they are back to “normal”, but take it easy with them and let them rest. Only give about half their normal amount of food for dinner, and very little water (they may be a bit nauseous).

If they are going home with medications, the assistant and/or the doctor will go over their dosage and timing with you. Please follow these instructions carefully. Give all antibiotics for the full course. If you notice any vomiting after medicating your pet, stop giving the medication immediately and call us for instructions. Of course, if you have any questions at any time, don’t hesitate to call or drop by either!

If your pet is going home with a buster (Elizabethan) collar – generally after any procedure involving sutures – they will likely find this extremely awkward at first. It is important that they keep it on until they have achieved adequate healing. An assistant and/or the doctor will go over the timeline of the collar with you, and at the 1 week re-check we can reassess your pet’s progress.