Meet The Team

Dr. Raghav Bedi


Dr. Bedi is a professional and qualified veterinarian who has almost a decade of experience in the small animal practice. He is passionate about his work and brings his dedication to the profession. His commitment to his profession is absolute.


Veterinary Assistant/Practice Manager

Mariah initially went to nursing school for humans, and then she realized nursing animals was abundantly more rewarding and fulfilling and decided to complete the VOAC program at Douglas College. Her love for all animals is never ending and she looks forward to seeing what each day will bring. Mariah is certified in Fear Free assistance and she is committed to doing everything in her power to give your pet the most pleasant and positive experience possible. Mariah shares her home with a goofy, black lab named Prince.


Veterinary Assistant

Alison knew she wanted to work with animals ever since her family got their first puppy when she was 8. Having many different kinds of animals growing up increased her love for animals even more. Alison earned her Veterinary Assistant Certificate in 2009 and has worked in the veterinary field ever since. Her goal with every patient is to make them feel comfortable and to provide the best care she can. Alison shares her home with three cats: Roland, Catboy and Chia and her small dog Peanut.


Veterinary Assistant

Amanda has always loved animals, and has volunteered at multiple animal welfare organizations prior to joining the Snowden team. When she's not at the clinic, she volunteers at the Wildlife Rescue Association of BC where she helps rehabilitate wild birds. Amanda is also working towards her Bachelor of Science at Simon Fraser University, and plans to pursue vet school in the future. As a part of the Snowden team, Amanda looks forward to helping provide patients with the best care possible. 


Veterinary Assistant

Rachel's passion for animals developed at a young age. Any time she had a chance to visit an animal shelter, she did. Rachel has an unconditional love for animals of all kinds and strives to comfort and support pets during their visit. Rachel has completed her Veterinary Assistant Certification at Vancouver Career College and plans to complete the Veterinary Technician program soon at Douglas College.


Veterinary Assistant

Bria has been dedicated to becoming a veterinarian since she was young, and plans to attend vet school once she finishes her Bachelor of Animal Science at the University of British Columbia. In the past, she has volunteered with animal rescue and rehabilitation organizations, worked with wildfire burn and electrocution victims, and victims of animal trafficking out of Costa Rica. Bria is interested in the field of wildlife veterinary orthopedics and has a certificate in Prosthetic Design: Biomedical Engineering Application in Veterinary and Human Medicine. Bria wants to use her passion for animals and veterinary medicine to provide the best possible care for all the furry members of your family.


Veterinary Assistant

Summer is the newest member of our team! Joining the Snowden team first as a volunteer, and now recently fulfilling the role as a veterinary assistant. She has the biggest heart that goes out to every creature, no matter the size or type. Although still in high school, Summer is working very hard to get all the requirements for the Veterinary Technician program at Douglas College. She takes pride and makes all efforts to ensure that each patient and client here at Snowden are warmly comforted and well taken care of. After being at Snowden, this has reaffirmed her passion and desire to have a career in the animal industry.

Dr. Gorodetsky

Mobile Animal Endoscopist

Dr. Gorodetsky has spent a large part of his career as an emergency and critical care veterinarian in a busy 24 hour referral hospital. He has also developed an interest and considerable experience in veterinary endoscopy. He has endoscopically removed thousands of foreign bodies from stomachs, esophagi, small and large intestines, noses, lungs, vaginas, urethras and ears. All this while avoiding open surgery as well as pain, longer recovery and increased frequency of post-surgical complications. Dr. Gorodetsky is a call away from us if your animal needs him!

Dr. Jandi

Small Animal Specialist Surgeon

Dr. Jandi is a board certified small animal orthopedic surgeon. He has been working in specialty veterinary surgery since 2007. If there's a surgery your pet needs that requires additional expertise and help and is outside of our scope we can bring in Dr. Jandi to take care of your pets needs.