Parasite Treatment & Prevention

There is a wide array of internal and external parasites in both dogs and cats that are very common especially in animals who do not receive routine veterinary care.

Year-round, broad-spectrum control products with efficacy against heartworm, intestinal parasites, fleas, and ticks prevent disease in dogs by preventing the most common internal and external parasites.

Treating for hookworms and ascarids is particularly important in puppies, with deworming beginning as soon as 2 weeks of age and repeated every 2 weeks until routine monthly treatment is initiated using products with efficacy against intestinal parasites.

Our pets remain susceptible to worms throughout their life. These infections can be controlled by giving monthly deworming year-round for the life of the pet. Consistent administration of ectoparasite control products is important for dogs throughout the different life stages.

Although the risk of fleas and ticks is not uniform across all geographic areas and lifestyles, preventives should be in place to protect canine health and limit home infestations and subsequent zoonotic risk (transference to humans).

Even if your pet is indoors only they should still be receiving consistent parasite control as many parasites can be brought in by humans (on the bottoms of shoes), other pets after walks, as well as through open windows and doors.

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