In-House Blood work

We offer in-house blood work services to provide rapid and accurate diagnostic information for our patients. Our state-of-the-art laboratory equipment allows us to perform a wide range of blood tests on-site, enabling us to promptly assess your pet's health and formulate appropriate treatment plans. In-house blood work typically includes complete blood counts (CBC), blood chemistry panels, electrolyte analysis, and tests for specific conditions such as heartworm disease or feline leukemia virus (FeLV). These tests help us evaluate various aspects of your pet's health, including red and white blood cell counts, organ function, electrolyte balance, and presence of infectious diseases. The advantage of in-house blood work is the quick turnaround time, allowing us to obtain results within minutes to hours rather than waiting for external laboratory processing. This enables us to promptly diagnose and treat your pet's condition, leading to faster recovery and improved outcomes. Our dedicated Veterinarian ensures the accuracy and reliability of the test results, providing you with valuable insights into your pet's health status. Whether it's for routine wellness screening or diagnosing illness, you can trust Snowden Animal Hospital for comprehensive in-house blood work services tailored to your pet's needs.